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Why this site? Well, it was an afterthought. All I wanted was to provide Internet access for my family, including individual e-mail accounts, so I ended up installing my own server, getting a router and a dedicated connection to the Internet. Since all elements were there; domain name, server, connection, etc. creating this page was not that difficult and does provide a medium for us to keep our friends and relatives informed about our family. (If you want to learn more about this rather humble server, and other technicalities, check my about this server page).

My name is David Treviño, and I am the one responsible for this site. So if you find any typos, feel free to e-mail me and let me know about them. I work for McKesson. I also teach at the University of Phoenix.

My Wife also attended the University of Phoenix.

She and I are the proud parents of 3 children.

We love to travel (when we have time), so check our Recent Trips page as we describe our adventures (after all, we ARE traveling with kids!)